White is the color

What color is white? Do we regard it as a color or more as a feeling? When we read a book or write a document file on the computer, white is the basic color for black or other colors to be added on to it. It’s a sort of a canvas, the sponge for the filling of the cake, the pasta for the sauce. That’s the beauty of it.

White is the color or non color of pureness, of the clouds, of the snow, of innocence. It’s the color of milk, and of course the color of mozzarella. It is the presence and reflectance of all the colors. It gives your fantasy wings to observe all the beautiful colors of your soul in a glimpse. A flaky shave of grana padano cheese on top of your carbonara pasta, some fresh mozzarella chunks onto your favorite pizza or as a side dish to your boiled veggies or in your salad bowl, a piece of antique white parmigiano reggiano cheese with a glass of red wine; all add magical whiteness to the richness of those cozy comfort food moments.




This colorful heartwarming pizza with pumpkin, bacon, rosemary and mozzarella is a tasty tête-à-tête advent treat.

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