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I Love Paris

I love Paris in the Springtime
I love Paris in the Fall
I love Paris in the Winter when it drizzles
I love Paris in the Summer when it sizzles

And so goes the first part of the lyrics of Cole Porter’s love song for Paris, I Love Paris of which he wrote the music as well as the lyrics. Who doesn’t fall in love with Paris? I couldn’t agree more with Cole Porter, as well as Audrey Hepburn’s classic line from Billy Wilder’s film “Sabrina” (1954), when she says: “Paris is always a good idea”.

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Poetry on the plate

Poetry is to be found everywhere, you only have to be curious, open minded and look. I see a lot of poetry in food, both when I prepare it, as when enjoying it prepared by others. What brings a very special poetry and joy to the senses, is when your dish is including local food and you can savor it in its natural surroundings.
I always look for these moments, and especially when traveling I already start from breakfast, and take my coffee or tea in a special place at the location that reflects its spirit, and with local specialities when possible.
Here are a some food poems from the beautiful Camogli, on the Ligurian Levante Riviera.

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Beautiful Island in The Sea“, is the name of this island off the coast of Brittany in Northwest France. The one who gave it that name, really chose one that suits this fascinating place perfectly. The island is simply stunning in every aspect, and it certainly does not come as a surprise, that its remarkable beauty has been (and continues to be) a source of inspiration for artists all over the world.

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Elements of Iceland

Icelandic, strong, tolerant people, shaped by the elements of nature. A nation that has oriented itself to be able to live in the legendary “Ultima Thule” – land of northern elephants and divinities. Living there without being overwhelmed by it and renouncing its natural supremacy. People, used to dealing with the surreal glows of the skies inflamed by the Northern lights (aurora borealis), floods, sandstorms, volcanoes, earthquakes; with a mighty Nature, mistress.

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