The magical Marche region – The Conero Park

Le Marche, a lovely name, just perfect for this ravishing region. Its immense beauty simply knocks you off your feet. The Adriatic sea and smooth hills descending towards it from the Appennine mountains. embrace the Marche district.
Its fantastic geographical position creates a unique dialogue between “terra e mare” reflecting in its culture as well as in nature.  Characteristic towns nestle in the highlands and rigorous secular olive groves and vineyards bless the landscape. Le Marche has it all: sea, rolling hills, mountains, valleys, sublime cuisine and glorious art sites. Starting off our itinerary amidst the saline perfumed nature of Portonovo, nestled in Ancona’s sea resort, Conero Park will make you feel one with nature at a glance.


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The hills & delicacies above the Ligurian coast

The inlands of Finale Liguria are a real paradise for outdoor activity, and you have concentrated inside the circle of a few coastal towns a world of various landscapes and hidden treasures, both naturalistic and gastronomical.
There is something for everybody: comfortable beach walks, climbing in the area of rocky caves, Roman bridges and a charming archeological park in Orco Feglino. Here you find three hints for your Finale Ligure weekend.

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EVOO Extra virgin olive oil – the real taste of Life

Extra virgin olive oil, Evo oil, is a worthy of consideration. I have nurtured love for this precious condiment for a long time, that has been growing gradually over the many years living in Italy.
This spring I decided that I wanted to get to know it more deeply. When there is a person or a place that you are particularly fond of,  you would like to get to know it more closely, and understand who that person or place is, all its peculiarities and characteristics.
I chose a course on the Italian Levante Riviera, at Recco, organized by L‘Associazione Italiana Sommelier dell’Olio


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Monet and the colors of the riviera

Claude Monet, the grand French Impressionist, master of color, light and shadow, could not omit the magical Flower Riviera in his Life Work. Until 31th of July an intimate and very special exhibition, Monet in Riviera, pays tribute to the great honor given by the Monet to the territory of Dolceacqua, Bordighera and its surroundings. Three paintings from Monet’s Riviera spring in 1884 are now gathered for the first time where they were painted 135 years ago: Two at the Dolceacqua’s Doria Castle and the third at the Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera. Before embarking on his Riviera Journey, Monet said: “I have the impression I will do wonderful things”. And he surely did.


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Beautiful Island in The Sea“, is the name of this island off the coast of Brittany in Northwest France. The one who gave it that name, really chose one that suits this fascinating place perfectly. The island is simply stunning in every aspect, and it certainly does not come as a surprise, that its remarkable beauty has been (and continues to be) a source of inspiration for artists all over the world.

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Authentic mixology in an angle of Paradise

Authentic is a term deriving from the greek authentikos meaning something or someone being genuine. In this evermore virtual world, being authentic and recognizing it in our lives, has been come a really difficult task. Our senses are more and more occupied in memorizing values, flavors, opinions and feelings that are not real and genuine. I will not go further into definition of the subject, but leave that to you readers to reflect on. I will give you in this article an example of what I consider an example of a highly authentic person, doing a highly authentic thing in – what you may call it – an angle of paradise…….. that maybe makes it easier to be be authentic or as Paolo Marazzi says himself: “I put my soul into my mixology and cuisine and create genuine experiences with authentic products, but I need the sea in front of me to produce that magic”.

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