The milky rice pudding Risalamande is of Danish origin and in Scandinavia it is written as pronounced: risalamande.
The word Risalamande is taken from French, and is built out of the three words: riz à l’amande, that literally means: almond rice. For my senses as to many other Scandinavians, this dessert
is tightly connected to Christmas. Immediately from its “boiling” perfumes in the pot, fragments of memories are shaped in the mind and help recall various atmospheres connected to the feast of the heart, love, faith and light.


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Risotto with beetroot and gorgonzola

Risotto is a typical Italian dish. It’s an elaborated version on cooking rice (often in other parts of the world we see simply boiled rice served as a side dish).
Despite of its simple form and looks, the risotto is not so easy to cook, but totally worthwhile and mostly gratifying.
One or two minutes of overcooking can ruin a dish that otherwise would have been perfect. The same counts for pasta in that matter.

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