Baccalà & potato-mash pizza

Baccalà and pizza have one thing in common: they can be prepared in endless ways. Let’s just try to imagine all the pizza variations we have seen recipes of, and the salted cod recipes: An infinity. Baccalà fillets, is an ingredient that I connect to my childhood in Iceland. For children the mashed potato version was and sure still is a big favorite….. with some butter of course to make it even more appetizing. In time I’ve made a pizza version of my beloved baccalà & potato mash.


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Cod & potato mash crostini

Baccalà, salted cod is an ingredient I adore, and I am definately not the only one. This fantastic ingredients that comes from my ocean of origin, the seas around Iceland, has been and continues to be a great inspiration for cooks all over the world. In the Mediterranean diet there exist numerous dishes including this versatile and delicately sapid ingredient. One of those is the classical baccalà potato mash, that has become a worldwide favorite spread, that is an ideal appetizer for a fish based dinner or whenever you need an elegant fingerfood.

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Potato Gnocchi della nonna

The origin of this recipe is from the grandmother , nonna of my friend, Sabrina Corti. She was a cook and the family had a trattoria. Sabrina tells me that Thursday was her favorite day of the week because it was the gnocchi day.
She used  to sneak in the kitchen and “steal” some in the making.
Sabrina: “My grandmother lined the gnocchi balls up like a line of soldiers, and there they waited respectfully to be emerged into the salted boiling water.

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