Tagliatelle with goat cheese flakes and pepper

This is a version of the classic pasta dish cacio e pepe where pecorino romano sheep cheese generally plays the cheese role.
Here we have a version from chef Lele Emmanuele, chef of La Loggia restaurant in Acqui Terme, with flakes of the unique Piedmont goat cheese Robiola di Roccaverano. The pasta is fresh tagliatelle without eggs. The classical fresh pasta base, that is so easy to make, but very rewarding.

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Soma d’Aj

Soma d’Aj is a typical recipe from Piedmont. It’s a quite simple slice of country bread rubbed with garlic and then topped with extra virgin olive oil. In Piedmont dialect aj means garlic (abbreviation for aglio) and soma is related to the load put on the back of a beast. An approximate translation for this gastronomic metaphor could be: “Loaded with garlic”.

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Elements of Iceland

Icelandic, strong, tolerant people, shaped by the elements of nature. A nation that has oriented itself to be able to live in the legendary “Ultima Thule” – land of northern elephants and divinities. Living there without being overwhelmed by it and renouncing its natural supremacy. People, used to dealing with the surreal glows of the skies inflamed by the Northern lights (aurora borealis), floods, sandstorms, volcanoes, earthquakes; with a mighty Nature, mistress.

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Panna cotta with apricot coulis

Panna cotta in Italian simply means “cooked cream” and that’s what this dessert basically is, with the addition of some gelatine, sugar and sometimes vanilla. Maybe this is the most famous pudding and everyone seems to love it. How could you not? It’s so delicate, tender, soft, creamy, comforting, perfectly sweet and on goes the good qualities of this white bliss. Its origins are from Piedmont like so many good things.

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