Very very easy pasta

Simple things are often the best things. Let’s think of the omelette, a freshly made bread with simple butter….. and a simple pasta with sugo, a heartwarming tomato pasta sauce. In this case meatless, just canned tomatoes, oil, garlic, onion, carrot and some aromas. All ingredients that you very probably have in your kitchen cupboard and that will save your day. Freshly grated parmigiano cheese on top would then make it just perfect. Buon appetito!

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Tagliolini with clams

This dish is definitely on my list of things worth living for. Isaac Davis (Woody Allen’s character in his film Manhattan), makes his list including amongst other things Louis Armstrongs’ recording of “Potato Head Blues”, Swedish movies, Sentimental Education by Flaubert, the incredible pears by Cézanne and the Crabs at Sam Wo’s. These creamy tagliolini are highly quoted on a similar list of mine. The dish is Napoli originated and has conquered the tastebuds of Italy and the world. Like so many Italian dishes, it’s so simple, but as always it is the quality of the ingredients and the attentive cooking that rule the outcome. You can of course make this pasta dish with normal spaghetti, but fresh egg tagliolini are exalting in the most delicious way the creaminess of the clams and delivering the salty lightly spicy taste of the sauce.

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Tagliatelle with goat cheese flakes and pepper

This is a version of the classic pasta dish cacio e pepe where pecorino romano sheep cheese generally plays the cheese role.
Here we have a version from chef Lele Emmanuele, chef of La Loggia restaurant in Acqui Terme, with flakes of the unique Piedmont goat cheese Robiola di Roccaverano. The pasta is fresh tagliatelle without eggs. The classical fresh pasta base, that is so easy to make, but very rewarding.

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Mussel pasta with tomato sauce

The classical Italian pasta dish “Spaghetti (or) pasta alle cozze” , is very easy to make and its smooth texture, perfume and taste are irresistible (in my opinion). Both this classical “rosso” version and the “bianco” variant without the tomatoes. It’s one of those dishes that speak of summer, freshness and ripe tomatoes. The salty taste and scent of the mussels “speak” of the sea, the mild herbs and the bright red color of the tomatoes, make it an ideal summer dish.

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