Summerly zabaione with moscato wine

Zabaione, known also as zabaglione or zabajone, is an extremely simple italian dessert made of egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine. Marsala or vin santo are the most common wines used in the preparation, but moscato wine is also a delightful ingredient choice, and gives this fantastic dessert a “summerly” air. Topping it with fruit in summer is popular, in winter you could dust some cocoa powder over it for extra comforting richness in taste. The classical lady finger biscuits (savoiardi), or other hard biscotti are always a delicious way to spoon up this tempting egg nog pudding, that N.B. inspired the creation of the historical egg liquor Vov in the 19th century.

photo: Áslaug Snorradóttir

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Tiramisù with buffalo ricotta

The soft, fluffy inviting Italian dessert “par excellence”, tiramisù, offers variation possibilities in the creamy consistency part as for the topping. I love to make the dessert with ricotta and mix in with the heavy cream and without eggs. You still will have an extremely fluffy and rich dessert, beautifully white and tasty, but a little “lighter” in calories. I adore buffalo ricotta in the recipe, but you can of course use sheep-, cow or mixed ricotta depending on your taste preferences.

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Elvira’s panna cotta with crumbled stroscia cake

Panna cotta is the simplest thing: basically boiled cream. With addition of sugar, vanilla extract (or not) and some gelatine. The proportions change according to taste, but that’s basically it. The beauty is that its simplicity makes you appreciate even more the ingredients. You feel the quality of the cream and the milk, if there is too much gelatine, you “listen for” the subtle vanilla tone and so forth. The pureness of this elegant and easy dessert, gives the tastebuds more space to enjoy the panna cotta accompaniment. Fruit coulis, chocolate- and caramel sauces are perfect, and sometimes you find really original matchings, that often reflect the territory’s food tradition. This recipe is from Elvira Ramoino, chef of Azienda Agricola Ramoino restaurant in the town Sarola, in the depths of the Ligurian Ponente Riviera.

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Panna cotta with apricot coulis

Panna cotta in Italian simply means “cooked cream” and that’s what this dessert basically is, with the addition of some gelatine, sugar and sometimes vanilla. Maybe this is the most famous pudding and everyone seems to love it. How could you not? It’s so delicate, tender, soft, creamy, comforting, perfectly sweet and on goes the good qualities of this white bliss. Its origins are from Piedmont like so many good things.

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