Tiramisù with buffalo ricotta

The soft, fluffy inviting Italian dessert “par excellence”, tiramisù, offers variation possibilities in the creamy consistency part as for the topping. I love to make the dessert with ricotta and mix in with the heavy cream and without eggs. You still will have an extremely fluffy and rich dessert, beautifully white and tasty, but a little “lighter” in calories. I adore buffalo ricotta in the recipe, but you can of course use sheep-, cow or mixed ricotta depending on your taste preferences.

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If this classical Italian dessert were a song, it would be definitely be classified as an Evergreen. Tiramisù always stays fresh in your memory, fresh like it were the first time you ever tasted it, and you never get tired of it’s smooth creamy texture and mild sweetness “colored” with a hint of coffee. It really “picks you up” every time, but that is what tiramisù literally means.

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Coffee topped ice cream

One of the simplest desserts ever and a really great one. The traditional Italian dessert affogato al caffè, which literally means “coffee drowned ice cream”, isn’t in fact a recipe. It is about bringing together two things: excellent espresso coffee and great vanilla ice cream in the right amount in order to get the right flavor, feeling and texture: 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and 1 shot of espresso…… Sometimes one scoop or single coffe aren’t enough, so multiple as needed.

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