Ricotta filled fried zucchini flowers

Fried zucchini flowers are one of Italy’s most elegant and graceful street foods. Like so often in Italian cuisine, the variants are numerous, and every region has its traditional recipe. Then you can make your own variations to the theme of course. When its delicately crunchy surface gives in to the soft filling, is a magical moment for the senses. It’s an authentic sensation, unique. Normally sparkling water is used in the batter, but I made a sparkling wine variant to the theme, that I thing is matching perfectly with the mild flavor of the flower dumplings. The chopped chive is also giving a mild contrast to the cheese in the filling. A romantic tête-à-tête dinner or an elegant appetizer. This is your dish.

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The Italian aperitivo

In Italy the aperitivo tradition is firmly woven into Italian food culture. We’re actually talking about the classical late afternoon snack, a kind of merenda that melts in with the happy hour. The small colorful dishes served at aperitivo, are greatly inspired by Italian Street Food, and the style depends of course on where you have your aperitivo. Its varieties are in proportion to the quantity of the country’s regions.

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Shrimp balls with potatoes & garlic

Potatoes & shrimps are fabulous ingredients, but not so often maybe seen together. They remind me of my origins, as in Iceland grow the most incredible and delicious potatoes, and the coldwater shrimps  (Pandalus borealis) of our sea are renowned delicatessen to be found in supermarkets all over the world. I tend to use local ingredients in my cooking, but when making these I go for the borealis shrimps and dream of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

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