Authentic mixology in an angle of Paradise

Authentic is a term deriving from the greek authentikos meaning something or someone being genuine. In this evermore virtual world, being authentic and recognizing it in our lives, has been come a really difficult task. Our senses are more and more occupied in memorizing values, flavors, opinions and feelings that are not real and genuine. I will not go further into definition of the subject, but leave that to you readers to reflect on. I will give you in this article an example of what I consider an example of a highly authentic person, doing a highly authentic thing in – what you may call it – an angle of paradise…….. that maybe makes it easier to be be authentic or as Paolo Marazzi says himself: “I put my soul into my mixology and cuisine and create genuine experiences with authentic products, but I need the sea in front of me to produce that magic”.

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The Italian aperitivo

In Italy the aperitivo tradition is firmly woven into Italian food culture. We’re actually talking about the classical late afternoon snack, a kind of merenda that melts in with the happy hour. The small colorful dishes served at aperitivo, are greatly inspired by Italian Street Food, and the style depends of course on where you have your aperitivo. Its varieties are in proportion to the quantity of the country’s regions.

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Pansy Margarita cocktail

This flowery and zesty cocktail, was invented by my dear friend, Pálína Jónsdóttir, actress, director and great chef. She runs with her family the rural resort, Lónkot in Skagafjörður, Iceland, that in april 2019 received the prestigious Travel & hospitality Award for Best House & Restaurant of the year 2019.
I still remember the bright summer evening when we cheered in this beautifully lightly pink cocktail, smelling of Icelandic summer, the ice giving you the right amount of shiver in midst of the wild flowery scent, just like the one you feel even on the warmest Icelandic summer nights.

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