Spring on toast & toast for spring

Spring on toast & toast for spring. Grab the season of rebirth and cherry blossoms into your hand and savor these springful toast slices accompanying your senses into the new cycle of life with colors, delicate taste, seasonal food, elegance and a completely natural sparkling wine from LaStaffa, a classical method biodynamic verdicchio wine with a small percentage of trebbiano grapes, a true rarety, cultivated in the rolling hills of Staffolo nestled in the hills in the north of the Marche region, in the Esino valley. In fact its name is “Mai sentito” (Never before heard of). It is a perfect match here and its so appropriate to make a toast to spring, summer coming up and Mother Earth, with this fresh, crisp, fruity and extremely convivial natural spumante, expressing in such a beautiful way the distinct characteristics of the area.


A biodynamic wine expression


Riccardo Baldi, the natural winemaker, l’enfant prodige of Staffolo is regularly quoted worldwide as one of Italy’s top quality wine producers. He was chosen as a rappresentative for Marche region in Slow Food edition “”Il grande viaggio nel vino italiano” (2016), and amongst recent recognitions the winery got Bibenda’s 5 grappoli (5 grapes) for its “Castello di Jesi verdicchio Classico Rincrocca Riserva 2016”.


     Asparagus toast with eggs & guanciale


                                                                                    Cod & potato mash crostini


                                                                  Mackerel toast with eggs & onion


                                                                                 Ricotta filled zucchini flowers


                                                                      Strawberries & ricotta French toast










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