It’s not easy being green

Green is the color of the leaves, of spring, of the pine, of olives. It’s the color usually associated with nature, just naming some of the positive things connected to this brilliant color, so much present in this season, represented amongst others by refreshing pine fragrance, and sweet perfume of pistachio pastry balls, adding beauty and harmony to our stressful lives in the most delightful way.

Meditating on the green atmospheres, the beautiful energy and joy it gives to our beings, an old and sweet song often comes to mind. The song is that of Kermit the frog, the hero and favorite character of so many children of my generation of the much beloved “The muppet show”. This sweet green frog, sings the heartbreaking and heartwarming song “It’s not easy to be green” meditating on his bright color of skin, bringing to mind the many merits of it but also the difficulty to being made of that color. A beautiful message, ever so actual, not only from the green point of view, but making us reflect on how our differences make us unique and beautiful, and thereupon we can also refer to mother nature , so green and beautiful nevertheless of the world’s going around.

           Green winter flavors and aromas introduce themselves with great joy


                    From olive harvest into christmasy pine and moss


Here’s an idea for a savoury winter salad with poached chicken, mild honey sauce, Grana Padano cheese and mixed small salad leaves.

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