Soma d’Aj

Soma d’Aj is a typical recipe from Piedmont. It’s a quite simple slice of country bread rubbed with garlic and then topped with extra virgin olive oil. In Piedmont dialect aj means garlic (abbreviation for aglio) and soma is related to the load put on the back of a beast. An approximate translation for this gastronomic metaphor could be: “Loaded with garlic”.

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Mussel pasta with tomato sauce

The classical Italian pasta dish “Spaghetti (or) pasta alle cozze” , is very easy to make and its smooth texture, perfume and taste are irresistible (in my opinion). Both this classical “rosso” version and the “bianco” variant without the tomatoes. It’s one of those dishes that speak of summer, freshness and ripe tomatoes. The salty taste and scent of the mussels “speak” of the sea, the mild herbs and the bright red color of the tomatoes, make it an ideal summer dish.

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