Omelette “rollée” estiva

L’omelette è una cosa così deliziosamente semplice ma sofisticata allo stesso tempo. Poi nella sua semplice eleganza dà anche l’avvio a variazioni sul tema, come quest’omelette rotolata su se stessa riempita con una fresca insalata di pomodori di stagione. Un piccolo “homage” a Julia Child, nata il 15 agosto del 1912. Julia è sempre stata una grande ispirazione per la mia cucina quotidiana, e ammiro tanto la sua passione per la cucina francese, e come lo ha introdotto con la sua grande passione al pubblico americano. A proposito il bellissimo film “Julia & Julie” con la grande interpretazione di Meryl Streep nei panni di Julia Child.

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Ricotta al pepe e olio extra vergine d’oliva

La ricotta al pepe e olio extra vergine d’oliva è proprio quello che dice il nome: ricotta, olio e pepe. Naturalmente, un po’ di sale ci vuole per esaltare i sapori, oltre a una fetta di pane buono oppure dei grissini, che fanno da contrasto croccante alla soave morbidezza della ricotta. Io, prediligo la ricotta di pecora, ma tutte le ricotte vanno bene, purché siano di ottima qualità e fresche. Gli stessi ingredienti possono poi diventare il condimento di un cremosissimo piatto di pasta. Basta tenere da parte un poco di acqua di cottura e unirla nella padella alla pasta scolata e alla miscela di ricotta, sale e pepe. Aggiungere basilico o maggiorana fresca a volontà e condire con un filo dello stesso olio. Questa ricetta si trova nel ricettario del mio libro Il mio mare infinito

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Slow roast pork belly with a zesty mediterranean twist

This is a real slow-cooker. Pork belly is uncured, un-sliced and unsmoked bacon actually. By chefs, pork belly is generally considered superior to bacon. It has juicy layers of fat covering the meat part which is quite small in proportion to the fat. During cooking it becomes really tender, not so different from pork loin. I simply melts in your mouth, giving a pleasing contrast to the crispiness of the crust on top.

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Wild sautéed “moscioli” mussels

Mussels, as clams and oysters, are extremely nutritious as very delicious. Those plant-like bivalves could add to food security in aquaculture, that we need so much now. They filter their food from the water, cleaning thus gallons of water by day, and that of course improves the habitat for other sea creatures around them. It is obvious that the cleaner the sea, less hard work for them and purer and healthy product. Now is the high season for the “moscioli”, wild mussels of the Conero regional park area, Marche region, Italy, that starts from april and ends in september. Visitors of the Conero riviera, are ever so lucky to get to taste those exclusive sea gems. I made a simple sautéed version. Mussels are such a great food, just be careful of pick well when buying them.

Wild "moscioli" mussels, Conero, riviera, Marche region, Italy

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The hills & delicacies above the Ligurian coast

The inlands of Finale Liguria are a real paradise for outdoor activity, and you have concentrated inside the circle of a few coastal towns a world of various landscapes and hidden treasures, both naturalistic and gastronomical.
There is something for everybody: comfortable beach walks, climbing in the area of rocky caves, Roman bridges and a charming archeological park in Orco Feglino. Here you find three hints for your Finale Ligure weekend.

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Baccalà & potato-mash pizza

Baccalà and pizza have one thing in common: they can be prepared in endless ways. Let’s just try to imagine all the pizza variations we have seen recipes of, and the salted cod recipes: An infinity. Baccalà fillets, is an ingredient that I connect to my childhood in Iceland. For children the mashed potato version was and sure still is a big favorite….. with some butter of course to make it even more appetizing. In time I’ve made a pizza version of my beloved baccalà & potato mash.


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Wild wholewheat spring pizza

Spring is a wild season, an awakening season, so full of new, fresh perfumes. One of the top ingredient of the season is the wonderful asparagus. So delicious, so versatile, so rich of minerals and vitamins, and so joyfully green, or sweetly pale. Love it on the pizza with eggs, creamy cheese and parmigiano cheese, maybe with an egg, and some parma ham. This one is a wild one, topped with pea pesto as well, pine nuts and detox artichoke. Feta or fresh goat cheese on top. Whole grain pizza loaded with greens.

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Summerly zabaione with moscato wine

Zabaione, known also as zabaglione or zabajone, is an extremely simple italian dessert made of egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine. Marsala or vin santo are the most common wines used in the preparation, but moscato wine is also a delightful ingredient choice, and gives this fantastic dessert a “summerly” air. Topping it with fruit in summer is popular, in winter you could dust some cocoa powder over it for extra comforting richness in taste. The classical lady finger biscuits (savoiardi), or other hard biscotti are always a delicious way to spoon up this tempting egg nog pudding, that N.B. inspired the creation of the historical egg liquor Vov in the 19th century.

photo: Áslaug Snorradóttir

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