It’s not easy being green

Green is the color of the leaves, of spring, of the pine, of olives. It’s the color usually associated with nature, just naming some of the positive things connected to this brilliant color, so much present in this season, represented amongst others by refreshing pine fragrance, and sweet perfume of pistachio pastry balls, adding beauty and harmony to our stressful lives in the most delightful way.

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La forza della creatività, la ricerca della bellezza, la forza dell’immaginazione (considerata il primo fonte della felicità umana secondo Giacomo Leopardi), insieme alla capacità di creare una propria realtà, un proprio mondo e spazi autentici dentro il mondo esterno, sono tra gli ingredienti di questo meraviglioso fenomeno chiamato metafora.

La magica metafora

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Dedico questa poesia a tutte le donne, così forti, così brillanti, così inspiegabilmente luminosamente belle e preziose, da ripeterglielo sempre, sempre, all’infinito.


Signora della luna

Perché il tuo luminoso sguardo
è velato di tanta tristezza?
Tu che illumini l’universo
con i tuoi occhi brillanti,
Non lasciare che il mondo
offuschi la tua limpida luce,
faro di salvezza alle anime,
Risplendi più che mai
e sventaglia i tuoi raggi gioiosi
in un immenso abbraccio d’amore


Art colors our existence

In difficult times and crisis, the thirst and hunger for art seems to become a general need. Pablo Picasso wrote a sentence that crystallizes in a glimpse what art means for our soul: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. So true and a beautiful metaphor at the same time. Just think of what a difference it makes, if you just pay attention to your breakfast, that it is not only nurturing, but as colorful as possible, that you inhale some extra minutes the enchanting perfume of your favorite coffee listening to a great song or symphony. In everyday life maybe we take art too much for granted, and don’t make the most of our own private moments, creating small works of art out of our lives. In times of crisis it is the soul who seeks by itself its food, as if telling us it has to be nurtured, it needs to rejoice, to be caressed caress it in midst of a storm. Art reconfirms itself yet another time as our official food for the soul.

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Dreaming of more Rome strolling in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn

I visited Rome two days in pre-spring, vivid, charming and fresh as ever, embracing the rinascimento season with its timeless flavors & perfumes, its warm gazes full of profoundly rooted  joie de vivre and gestures loaded with centuries of savoir faire. I put on the timeless and comfortable ballerina shoes of Audrey Hepburn (the style of shoes she loved to wear), ideal for tippling quietly yet elegantly through one of the city’s most characteristic neighborhoods, Trastevere, tasting, observing and odouring its magic, its genuineness, its passion for life and the beauty that lies in the little things. Accompanied as before by beautiful Berta. Let’s dream together of Rome and try to imagine the sensations produced by its numerous flavors, perfumes and colors. Rome is resting now like all Italy, resting and fighting like all Italy in order to make this beautiful spring continue, more vivid and colorful than ever before.


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To Rome & Audrey with Love + slow travel tips

There are few things more romantic that I can think of than Rome in spring, or should I say breathlessly charming? Observing Flora’s season exploding with its million colors and perfumes into the timelessness of the city is somewhat unique.
When I think of Rome, and when I go there, my spirit automatically travels back at least to the mid fifties and sixties when Audrey Hepburn had already left her inimitable footprints in the eternal city, first with Vacanze Romane (1955),
and later living there for many years. Celebrating International Women’s Day by getting into her beloved ballerina shoes and tap through her most dear Trastevere neighborhood in the company of the border collie Berta and photographer Danilo Mecozzi.

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Getting to Varenna


Como Lake is really a world of its own, and discovering it bit by bit is an extremely rewarding experience. It’s also a great lesson in learning how many treasures and endless beautiful surprises you can discover, without covering too many kilometers. The lake’s spectacular three-armed shape, mountainy surroundings and history unite in making the lake a really adventurous place, a timeless place, a natural paradise, where the atmosphere could be described as a mixture of an eternal “Belle Epoque”.

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I Love Paris

I love Paris in the Springtime
I love Paris in the Fall
I love Paris in the Winter when it drizzles
I love Paris in the Summer when it sizzles

And so goes the first part of the lyrics of Cole Porter’s love song for Paris, I Love Paris of which he wrote the music as well as the lyrics. Who doesn’t fall in love with Paris? I couldn’t agree more with Cole Porter, as well as Audrey Hepburn’s classic line from Billy Wilder’s film “Sabrina” (1954), when she says: “Paris is always a good idea”.

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