Autumn in red

The colors of autumn: soft, soothing, calm, reminding us in a tenderly joyful way of the endless colors of existence , of every moment, in any season. Como lake is fluttering it’s intriguing autumn color charm in this period, leading into piny christmas season. I will dedicate the remaining fridays of the year to the marvelous scents, colors and atmospheres of this magical area and it’s wonderful city in the heart of the Alps situated at the south-western tip of the lake.

The color red is such an emotionally intense color. I always connect it strongly with the warm feeling of happiness, the flavor of a fruity young wine and strawberry jam and an romantic and rythmical melody line in the warm, comforting key and melancholy key of Ab major, like for example “Tea for Two”. That’s my red connection This color of the sacred heart is very present in this season, firstly in the form of huge autumn leaves that decide to fall in love with the mild an melancholy sun embracing the world, making it blush by it’s amorous gaze. Secondly because of the arriving of Christmas, red is the color “par excellence” together with green, white and gold. The autumn creates a color bridge into winter uniting the brown of the earth, the green of the moss and the yellow, orange and red of the leaves, making them a colorful carpet for a while and beautiful decorations for our tables if we get to pick them in time before the rain and the first low temperatures.

Today is our red beautiful friday, next week we’ll pass to green, then to white and have a golden christmas.
A delightful walk on the west side of Como Lake, glancing at autumn through lightly misty autumn air, magical colors, enjoying a heartwarming glass of wine and huge green olives to accompany our heart, savouring the autumn in a simple and intimate way.

   “Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful.” – Vincent Van Gogh


foglie rosse piccola
cigno piccoli
Beauty is the most rewarding voyage of the soul


enoteca lago
enoteca vino

A heartwarming and fruity refreshment at the romantic Millesimo Enoteca & Bistrot, run by passion by the sommelier Emanuele Riva and his team, is a delightful color to add to the perfumed harmony of a redish autumn breeze.






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