A whisky improved Sunday porridge

Porridge is one of those dishes that for me are tightly connected with childhood memories. It’s one of those dishes I was obliged to eat because of it’s nutritional facts like potatoes and tomatoes, and therefore maybe I didn’t appreciate them so much, and the porridge was often followed by a spoon of cod oil. In the memory it remained as not such a great food combination. Fortunately I made peace with those lovely ingredients years ago.

Loving oats

As for porridge, I often make it for breakfast or as a night snack. It’s really great with the addition of dried fruit.
This recipe includes a capful of whisky and cream, which is a Scottish tip for making a special porridge or “improve the porridge” as they put it. Whisky is a fantastic ingredients for many recipes, but this one surprised me really nicely.
As an everyday porridge it’s obviously a little bit on the “heavy” side, but as a Sunday brunch on a winter morning  it’s a gorgeously reinvigorating choice.

4 servings


100g oats
5g salt
750ml hot water
120ml fresh whipped cream
60ml whisky
brown sugar to taste
1 blood orange or normal orange for decorating


1. Place the oats and salt in a pot. Pour the boiling water onto the oats and cook over high heat, stirring constantly and let it simmer for about 3 minutes
2. Pour the porridge into individual bowls and sprinkle the brown sugar over each portion. Pour the whiskey evenly over the cooked oats, and then spoon the whipped cream on top. Garnish with blood orange slices.


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